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What is klouddb_Shield ?

Klouddb_Shield is an open source security tool that checks for CIS compliance . Currently we check for 8 RDS controls , 32 controls(Postgres) , 46 MySQL controls – a total of 86 checks as of today and we plan to add more checks soon

Please see previous blog posts on this topic

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Release 1.3 - What is new in this release ?

In this release we are introducing html report feature . Currently this feature is only available for Postgres controls ; we will add the same for MySQL and RDS Controls shortly

HTML Report - How to generate ?

Process is same as before – In below screenshot you can see that it produced both html and json files

HTML Report - Output format

HTML Report enhances user experience . Once you generate html report, you need to open it with a web browser . Below is a sample output – Result column can have a green tick to indicate PASS

Another very useful addon in this release is the + button . You can get detailed info about a particular control using + button – For example in below scenario you can see the detailed output for 3.1.3

Verbose mode in CLI- How to check the verbose output for a particular control ?

Another useful addition with this release is the ‘verbose mode’ . You can get detailed output for a particular control using verbose option . NOTE – As of today you can only get verbose output for one particular control , not all controls at the same time

Below is one example where we get verbose output for control 1.2

HTML and Verbose mode only available for Postgres controls

As of today (03/20/2023) html report and verbose mode are only available for Postgres controls . We will be adding the same for MySQL and RDS Controls in future releases

Future releases

Please try html report and verbose mode today – You will definitely like these features(Only available for Postgres controls as of today). Please stay tuned – More exciting features coming up


We released KloudDB Shield 1.3 today . Please give it a try and pass your feedback . We spent ton of time to develop this tool and we plan to enhance this tool based on user feedback

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