Innodb Cluster Open Book (Github Wiki) Launched

“We just launched Innodb cluster open guide on our github page. Please hit below URL to access it .

We will be adding more pages soon . Please send your valuable feedback”


It stores the password in vault (similar to what config_editor does) during the first connection . From second connection it does not prompt for password

You can use mysql_config_editor –print all to check what is already stored

It is recommended to have odd number of nodes .In order to be able to avoid split brain, a cluster needs an odd number of members.
So start with 3 nodes to avoid any split-brain situations

ProxySQL supports query routing (read/write splitting) , query caching etc.. It is level 7 proxy where as router is level 3

In 5.7 you can not change the primary of a given cluster easily. Lets say you have node A, node B and node C in a cluster . Currently node A is the primary node in cluster and you want to promote node C as master now , only way to do that is to run “stop group_replication” until the desired node is master . Or another way of approaching it in 5.7 is by changing the weight of member

In version 8.0 you can do that by using ‘select group_replication_set_as_primary(member_uuid);’

3306 –> MySQL port 33060 –> MySQL X port 33061 –> Group replication communication port

To find out which server is currently the primary when deployed in single-primary mode, use the MEMBER_ROLE column in the performance_schema.replication_group_members table. For example:

mysql> SELECT MEMBER_HOST, MEMBER_ROLE FROM performance_schema.replication_group_members;
| MEMBER_HOST             | MEMBER_ROLE |
|     | PRIMARY     |
|     | SECONDARY   |
|     | SECONDARY   |

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